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These images are spontaneous and free… not over analyzed by my conscious mind. Wherever they originate from, I am happy to have found a way for this quiet voice to have a place in my artistic expression.

— Michael Joy

​This series originated from a collection of antique blueprints I discovered inside of cabinets I’d purchased from an industrial auction many years ago. I discovered while drawing on them that the elegant, mechanically engineered prints provided a fantastic canvas for collage technique. In 2002 I combined engraving and mold making processes to transfer the collages onto a durable and dense cast stone material (CatStone) in a new proprietary process I coined ‘line casting.’ Although they appear to be 2D images, the pieces are actually 3D wall hangings that have the look and feel of large glazed ceramic tiles. Each 10 lb. panel has a hand stained, antique finish. Since every panel is handmade and hand finished, each one is unique with slight variations in texture and surface color. To add a bit of functionality to the imagery, I added a quartz time movement to each casting.