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The Pun Is Just An Introduction

— Michael Joy

Before jumping to another one of our portals, please take a moment to leave your mark on our wall. If you would like to connect with Michael and tell him a little about yourself, please use the form below. It would be great if you told a joke, shared a quote or interesting web link and let us know what brought you here. Soon, we will compile an ‘autograph’ book with a collection of your messages and post them on this site.  


Explore Michael’s unique journey into metaphysics. He shares his philosophies and personal experiences about a wide range of topics including, evolution, reincarnation and multi-dimensional awareness.

Absolute Joy

Quirky stories about life, love and business. Explore Michael’s Youtube platform containing a wide range of stories intended to connect with a unique audience of artists and entrepreneurs. The channel features several storylines, including Mansion Hunting, Long Short Stories, Business Talk and How I Met Your Ex Wife.

Shape Shifters TV

Shape Shifters TV is the name of Michael Joy’s new media network. Here you gain access to the unseen worlds of creative makers who dedicate their time and energy to bring beautiful things into the world. Shape Shifters TV contains episodes highlighting artisans and craftspeople who create with their hands, not solely relying on technology. Join us as we celebrate unique talents and the importance of connecting with others in various work cultures. The network has many side stories that will reveal themselves gradually with little sprints and shots, while encouraging engagement with other creators.

Culinary Stories

A glimpse into the mind of a chef. Explore Michael’s world of 20+ years in the culinary industry. Working with more than eight hundred chefs around the world, he discovered what makes them tick. Hear some of their untold stories from a pointed and candid perspective.

Finding Joy

A look at the unique story of building the Shape Shifters TV network. This documentary is in progress right now! See a sneak peak behind the scenes.

Creative Guidelines

​Connecting To Another Dimension, One Podcast At A Time. Hear incredible channeled messages about Divine Love and other dimensions from Don Weldon’s metaphysical center (Creative Guidelines) recorded more than 30 years ago.

The Ignorant Eye

Providing playful and rude art talk. Glimpse into the mind of a whimsical surrealist Michael Joy, a sculptor, digital collage artist and fabricator. The Ignorant Eye features Collage Tok and Gallery Walks with other artists, gallery owners and individuals in the business of art.


Dedicated to elevating the cultural appreciation of hand-skilled artisans. Hand-ufacturing is a new educational platform for individuals to learn how to bring their creative visions to life using a mixture of hand skills and technology. The platform aims to bridge the gap between working smart and working hard, promoting a balance between industry and art. Here, you can learn how to scale your creative ideas, not just prototype them. Hand-ufacturing offers how-to videos on mold making and casting, with experts from other art-centric fields. The platform also includes Business Talk, focusing on how to integrate mold making and casting skills with business thinking. Safety and proper material handling are prioritized, and the focus is on working mindfully, creatively, and profitably.

Chicago Culinary FX

​Michael Joy is the author of Confectionery Art Casting. See the hidden world of food shaping through the lens of Michael Joy’s company Chicago CulinaryFX. His company’s work has been featured in books, magazines, TV and prestigious competitions around the world.

Thursday's Q

Thursday’s Question is where you can meet the Shape Shifters TV team. Here, our team and special guests are asked for their spontaneous response to a unique question. This series is silly and heartfelt at the same time. A few people are shy, so we had to blur some faces, but their stories are still golden.

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