Pony Road


"If you drive across the vast southwest, you are likely to experience some of the small, lonely roads that split off from the big highways into small towns and rest stops. The land is vast with many roads continuing relatively unchanged for miles. The steady rhythm of passing telephone poles can begin to create a sensation of speeding in your car, yet staying in the same place. I think of the horses as happy companions running alongside your car, there to keep you company on the empty roads. "

~Michael Joy

These images, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, have their own individual story. Michael uses the computer to knit together unique imagery not commonly seen together in this context. Whether he uses old images in new ways or mixes new images with old images, each collage comes together as one complete graphic concept. Possibly some will bring laughter, some will bring beauty and some will bring contemplation. Hopefully, you will want to bring some prints into your home.

This Pony Road Surreal Carousel Horses Giclee Art Print is 12"x16". Using the archival Giclee printing process, Michael has selected a thick and gorgeous archival (400 gsm) Strathmore water color paper to carry the medium. The textured paper is Ph-neutral, optical brighter additive-free and has a special top coating allowing unprecedented precision, contrast and color saturation for a matte medium. The print is shipped unmatted and ready for professional framing. 

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